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April, May, and June Birthdays

(If your birthday is not listed or is incorrect, please call the Church office).

April 1

Michelle Wardlow

April 5

Sylvia Brinkley

Nicole Smith

April 6

Bryant Pigford

Sheila Stiles

April 7

Tracie Stewart

April 8

Lauraine Garrett

April 9

Andy Crim

Linda Morgan

April 10

Adrianne Slash

April 11

Chelsea Harris

Vernita Joe

James Poston, Jr.

April 12

Virginia Carson

Erin Davis

Cynthia Hurt



April 13

Donald Grays

April 14

Madeline Turner

April 15

Lora Henderson

April 16

John Green

April 18

Ronald Skates

April 19

Elizabeth Gilmore

Patricia Rowley

April 22

Carla Brownlee

William Tinsley

April 23

Emily Hurt

April 25

Danai Motley

April 26

Jimmy Adams

Victure Coffey

April 27

Patti Holt

April 28

April Searcey

April 29

Calvin Harden, Jr.

April 30

Morgan Awe

Zella Davis


May 2                                                                           

Marcia Allen

May 3

Patricia Blewitt

Linda Harden

Alicia Solomon

May 5

Danita Cotton

May 6

Shannon Joseph

May 7

Ayana Wilson-Coles

May 8

Brittany Anderson

May 9

DeJuan Echoles

May 10

Natishia Coleman

Jazzmine Edwards

Lisa Moore

Sherrice Murphy

May 11

Nikita Adams

May 12

LaTashia Harrison

Lamont Ervin

May 13

Melinda Bailey

David Holt, Jr.

May 15

Marlon Anderson

DeWayne Hampton

May 18

Imani Allen

May 19

Paul Wilson

May 20

Sonya Fleming

Rodquis Smith

May 21

Charlesine Ford

May 22

Michaela Coffey

Camille Schockley

May 23

Nichol Grays

Alexis Harris

Lolita Jackson

Samuel Mangram

Debra Smith

May 25

Starice Easley

Terry Gray

Monique McGuire

May 26

Nicole Bowman

May 27

Sanie Bradley

May 28

D’Coby McGuire

Larry Parks

May 29

Malcomb Murray

May 30

Shawntell Wardlow

May 31

Brandi Wallace


June 2

Jalen Brown

June 3

Michelle Jackson

June 4

Arthur Lee

Amber Oliver

Stephanie Warsaw

June 5

Darin Mitchell

Eric Young

June 7

Anthony Anders

June 9

Sonya Bachus

June 10

Melita Brown

Toriana Buckner

June 11

Candace Shockley

Tamara Williams



June 12

Reggie Williamson

Alfred Gray

June 13

Jazmine Coleman

June 14

Trinity Anderson

June 15

Betty Hampton

June 16

Brea Bovie

Terrence Cooper

Erica Davis

Patricia Hall

Nancy Thurman

June 17

Evelyn Blood

Christia Hicks

Jeffrey Lightfoot

Sheila Rea

June 19

Debricka McClung

Gerard Murrell


June 20

Carolyn Bradley

Letitia Brown

June 21

Brandy Cole

Curtis Gray

June 23

Arlee Solomon

June 24

Calvin Hart

John McCreary

Adrienne Taylor

June 25

Ivan Douglas Hicks

Tamara Huskie-Sanders

Claude Motley

June 26

Corey Williams

June 27

Evelyn Dyson

June 28

Timothy Beaty, Sr.


June 30

Garrison Snowden

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