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Council of Ministries


The Deacons are leaders of the church.  They support the Pastor and his vision.  They offer the Lord’s Supper to the congregation.  They are also responsible for male baptismal candidates on the day of their baptism.  Deacons also care for the members of the congregation. These men are servants of the church.


Deaconess are responsible for preparing the Lord’s Supper.  They are also responsible for female baptismal candidates on the day of their baptism.  Deaconess support the Pastor and assist the Deacons with the care of the members of the church.


This appointed board maintains the property's and handles all legal and financial aspects of the church.

Angels of Praise Dance Ministry

Worshipping and magnifying the Lord through interpretive dance.

  • Angels I :: Ages 17 to Adult

  • Angels II :: Children ages 6 to 11

  • Angels III :: Children ages 12 to 16


Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry prepares men spiritually to be leaders in their homes, church and community through Bible study, training, worship, fellowship and service.

Bulletin Board Resource Ministry

Displays information about First Baptist Church inside and outside our church building for all who come into the church.  

Board of Christian Education

Persons responsible for envisioning, developing and implementing programs, classes and other educational opportunities for members/community to grow in their understanding of and appreciation for Christian faith.

Courtesy Ministry

Welcomes visitors and church family to worship.

New Members Ministry

Designed to help new convert or members know the seriousness and sacredness of their committment.  They work to bring members face to face with the real meaning of church membership enlisting in active service for the Lord. 

Deaf Ministry

Reaching souls through American Sign Language (ASL). Interpreters are provided for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Fueling and Clothing Ministry

This ministry provides food, clothing and comfort to those in need.  They provide spiritual and emotional support.

Lafiya Wellness Ministry

A holistic ministry of body, mind and spirit. We aim to educate and empower our church family to take responsibility for personal health and well being with optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.  Open to all members including medical professionals of all disciplines.

Media Ministry

Provides services related to the audio, visual, print, photography and telecommunications for our church family events.

Music Ministry

First Baptist Music Department consists of seven choirs; two of which are signing choirs.

Prison Ministry

Providing emotional and spiritual support to those who are incarcerated as well as their families.  Upon reentry to society, we are happy to make referrals to organizations that can assist them with obtaining a State ID or Driver's License, shelter, job training, assistance with finding employment and a Church family.  All information is held strictly confidential.

Transportation Ministry

Outreach ministry providing transportation to and from Sunday morning worship services. In addition this ministry facilitates rides for special activities such as Souls to the Polls, etc.



The welcoming body of the church.  Our ministry provides a warm welcome and accommodating spirit to all visitors and congregation members alike.  

Leaders & Servants



Dr. Ivan Douglas Hicks, Senior Servant

Reverend Jerome Johnson, Pastor

Reverend Patti Holt, Assistant to the Senior Servant for Christian Education

Reverend Lynel Beaty, Assistant to the Senior Servant for Families

Reverend Claude Leon Motley, Assistant to the Senior Servant for Visitation

Reverend Samuel Hodges , Armor Bearer

Reverend Tonya Hill, Director of Community Impact

Minister Allison Brinkley, Assistant to the Senior Servant for Music

Minister Marie Highbaugh, Minister for Missions

Minister Kenneth Allen, Minister for Outreach

Minister Nichelle J. Miller, Youth Director

Minister Michelle Fisher-Jones, Minister for Outreach

Minister Neal Jameson, Minister for Outreach

Minister Robert Letcher, Minister for Outreach



Dr. Ivan Douglas Hicks, Senior Minister

Rev. Jerome Johnson, Pastor

Michael Jones, Sr. Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Joseph Slash, Church Treasurer

Linda Jones, Financial Secretary

Anna Lucas Brown, Church Clerk

George Armstrong, Chairman of the Board of Deacons

Marcella Armstrong, Chairperson of the Board of Deaconesses

Carmen Moore, Chairperson of Council of Ministries

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