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Community Impact with Reverend Tonya Hill

Updated: Apr 19

Rev. Tonya Hill is the Executive Director of Abundant Life Institute as well as the Director of Community Impact for First Baptist Church North Indianapolis. Every third Sunday at 3:30pm Rev. Hill hosts the Community Impact Spotlight broadcast. Each month she shines the spotlight on individuals and organizations who are making a positive impact on our local and global community. The mission of the monthly broadcast is to increase awareness of the good work being done in our communities, to bridge the gap between needs and resources, and to inform people about the ways in which they can support individuals and organizations who are doing good work.

Rev. Tonya Hill seeks to engage leaders throughout the community in respective fields relating to each months' subject in helping to have a clearer understanding of the issues at hand.

Community Impact can be seen the third Sunday of each month on the church Facebook account (First Baptist Church North Indianapolis) and You Tube (First Baptist Church North).

Community Impact Spotlight Links:

April 18, 2021 HIV in Marion County & The Faith Community Response

March 21, 2021 Our Sisters our Leaders

March 8, 2021 International Women's Day

February 21, 2021 Morehouse Doctors on Covid-19 & Vaccine

Jan, 17, 2021 Surviving & Thriving Beyond Covid-19

Dec. 20, 2020 Hope & Heart Filled Service with Antonia Bailey

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